Dr. Melissa Goldyn, DVM

Specializes in breeding and embryo transfers for her equine clients. Dr. Goldyn graduated from Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2009. She was accepted for a veterinary internship at the historic 6666 Ranch. While there, Dr. Goldyn honed her skills in all aspects of equine veterinary medicine including reproduction, lameness, medicine, and surgery.

Dr. Goldyn also provided veterinary care for not only the 6666’s cattle but also the cattle of the surrounding ranches, performing over 10,000 pregnancy exams. Sheep, goat, pig, dog, cat and occasional wolf veterinary medicine were also part of Dr. Goldyn’s internship; she thoroughly enjoyed working on every “surprise” that walked through the door. As the year-long internship was reaching its conclusion Dr. Goldyn was offered the opportunity to stay on as an associate veterinarian in which she readily accepted.

In the fall of 2011 Dr. Goldyn was offered a position in Fort Collins Colorado as the resident veterinarian on a fast-paced equine breeding farm. Jumping at the chance to return to Colorado and her family, Dr. Goldyn served as the resident farm veterinarian for 3 years. While there, Dr. Goldyn further advanced her skills in equine reproduction, gaining vast experience in mare management and embryo transfer, while overseeing medical care of over 500 on site horses.

The move to the Roaring Fork Valley was brought about by her husband Chance, a Basalt native and Snowmass Fireman. They are extremely happy to be here and to be raising their two beautiful daughters, Calie and Grace in such an amazing location.

From routine wellness exams, dentistry, lameness, reproduction, and everything in between Dr Goldyn looks forward to working with you and your equine companions. Rumble Ridge is pleased to partner with Dr Melissa Goldyn for excellence in breeding for the Roaring Fork Valley.